Yuusei Shounen Papii (Dub)

The series begins with the Galactic Union of Worlds at a meeting on the planet named Radion where Prince Planet lives. The chief asks the question Shall we contact Earth and offer them membership? A delegate of beings from a number of worlds including Mars oppose the membership, describing humans as arrogant, funny-looking, war mongers and not advanced enough, but nevertheless they are given a chance. Prince Planet is a Universal Peace Corps member who is chosen from hundreds of volunteers to be sent to Earth to bring law and order and a love of peace to Earth so they can become part of the Galactic Union. His assignment To fight evil and cruelty whenever and wherever it affects the planet Earth. Prince Planet has an IQ of 300 compared with Earth standards. He has been given a concentrated, scientific and moral education by electroinductive hypnotraining and is classed as a genius. Through the pendant he is given the ability to change into a normal boy and when found on Earth by a girl named Diana Worthy, he is given the name Bobby and lives on a ranch with Diana and her father Pops Worthy. Diana wears a ring which can signal Prince Planet when she is in danger. The main city is Metropol.Prince Planet`s pendant receives power (energy) from a nuclear energy centre (energy transmitter) on Radion. When Bobby changes to Prince Planet he calls out Peeeeee Pazow! The operators at the centre often forget to charge up his pendant, usually when he is in a fight with an enemy and about to die. But of course the operators remember in the nick of time. Without energy he becomes very weak. The pendant has many uses such as a converter, weapon, transforming to Bobby and back to Prince Planet, for flying, strength, as a torch etc. In many episodes Bobby looks up at the stars at night and gets homesick for his mum on Radion. He realises that when he was given the ability to live as a normal boy on Earth he also had to accept the emotions and desires of a normal boy, including homesickness.Source:

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