[Historical] Araiguma Rascal (TV) (Sub) Hot

[Historical] Araiguma Rascal (TV) (Sub) Hot

* Based on the 1963 autobiographical novel Rascal, A Memoir of a Better Era by Sterling North.Sterling North is a tender-hearted boy, who loves animals very much. One day Sterling finds a baby raccoon in the woods. He names the raccoon Rascal and takes it home, where the baby raccoon becomes Sterling`s constant companion.Rascal grows up very well. Everything seems to be going well, but one day Rascal gets a taste for sweet corn and begins to raid the neighbours` corn gardens during the night. Sterling realizes that it is truly difficult for men and wild animals to coexist in the same place.One day a misfortune befalls Sterling`s family. His father`s ranches are entirely destroyed by a heavy rainstorm. Sterling must go to Milwaukee to attend junior high school. Rascal is now a young adult. Sterling decides to return Rascal to his natural life in the woods. Sterling goes to a lake with Rascal in his canoe and sets him free in the woods. Next day he leaves town alone on a train bound for Milwaukee.

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