Fate/Grand Carnival

The First Singularity PartyAs more and more Servants join Chaldea, maintaining resources for so many is becoming a problem. And so, a cruel order has been given…The Second Singularity PartyJeanne d’Arc Alter needs a serious amount of QP because of reasons, so she heads to the Kabukicho Singularity, the glittering gem of the nightlife scene, where she begins working at CLUB M. There, she hopes to become the best in town! However, she must first contend with a slew of troublesome customers, as well as the Four Elite hosts.The Third Singularity Party"The Security Organization for the Preservation of Humanity, Fenis Chaldea."Here, a large number of Servants gather, proudly spending their days under the command of their Master.However, the Servants face a secret problem…They are divided by a sense of inequality.Longer waits between deployment, levels never being raised…Reality hits the Servants hard, and frustrations gradually build up.In order to correct such disparities, one Servant steps up…The Fourth Singularity Party, MAX Bond Channel"I feel like Master`s been more cold to me recently."Ereshkigal feels some distance building between herself and Master. In order to increase her appeal, Dumuzid suggests something out of the ordinary: to use a video sharing platform called "ServantTube"!Will Ereshkigal become a famous streamer and grab Master`s attention?

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