[Adventure] Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai (Dub) (Movie) Remade

[Adventure] Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai (Dub) (Movie) Remade

While touring Alamos Town—home of the Space-Time Tower—with the beautiful Alice, Ash and his friends discover that the town’s special garden has been decimated! Baron Alberto, a dashing but arrogant fellow, immediately blames the destruction on Darkrai.

As if it just overheard the accusation, Darkrai appears and confronts our heroes!

Who is Darkrai? Is it a fiend… or a friend in disguise? And as a battle between Legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia rages directly above Alamos Town—and threatens to tear a hole in the space-time continuum—will Ash and his friends survive this showdown and learn Darkrai’s true nature?

Pokemon: The Rise Of Darkrai (Dub)

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